Advantages of hard floor cleaning services in San Antonio, TX

The greatest hard floor cleaning services in San Antonio, TX will do much more than simply wash your floor: it will actively lift dirt, sanitise the surface, and leave it looking clean and new. The traditional mop and buckets will certainly clean your floors, but it will also be leaving them sopping moist and will not remove all of the filth and hair that accumulates over time.

What’s the distinction between a steam cleaner and a hard floor cleaner?

Although both hard surface cleansers and steamer cleansers will cleanse hard surfaces, steam cleaners, rather unexpectedly, just blast away filth with hot steam. Hard floor cleaning services in San Antonio, TX, on the other hand, often utilise a mix of suction and revolving roller brushes to both vacua and wash away dirt.

What are the advantages of using a hard surface cleaner?

As previously said, most hard surface cleaners vacuum, wash, and dry your flooring at the same time, considerably reducing cleaning time and effort, as well as waiting time for floors to dry. Hard surface cleaners will perform a much better job of removing any unpleasant germs that may be lurking when used in conjunction with a cleaning fluid, particularly an antibacterial one. Because most feature two water tanks, only pure water will be drawn through to the roller onto your flooring.

waterproof flooringWhat kinds of floors can I clean?

As long as the hard flooring is sealed, you may use a hard surface cleaner on it. This includes wood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, and stone. Some cleaners are indeed multi-purpose, able to clean both hard surfaces and carpets. Unsealed wood and stone should not be treated with a tough floor cleaner since the moisture might harm the flooring.

When should I clean my hard floors?

That is all up to you. However, if you live in a high-traffic home (for example, with a lot of people and/or animals), we recommend using your hard surface cleaners every few days.  Deep cleaning once every two weeks should do for less frequently used rooms. Of course, you can do this smaller or larger frequently depending on how unclean your house becomes week to week.