All about Japanese Home Design

Japanese home design became one of the most prominent types of Asian architecture in recent years. Knowing that Japanese homes have distinctive designs makes you desire to have those in your own house. However, given your contemporary lifestyle, a classic design would be excessive. The breath-taking and cutting-edge luxury residences in AMOMA Hiroo are a landmark in the history of Wonderwall and Masamichi Katayama, the firm’s principal and founder. This is the first time Wonderwall has undertaken a comprehensive large-scale residential project.

The AMOMA Hiroo residence’s minimalist yet sensual!


The highly textured atmosphere is the brainchild of Liaigre and Wonderwall, two famous Japanese interior design companies with offices in Tokyo.

The distinguished partnerships Liaigre has had with notable architects like Richard Meier, Kengo Kuma, and David Chipperfield are continued with AMOMA Hiroo. Both brands are renowned for their human-centric design strategies, which focus on designing environments that not only serve as venues for everyday routines but also work to support them.

In both urban and rural areas, Japanese dwellings are frequently compact and clustered together. Nevertheless, regardless of the size of the house or its location, important elements of traditional Japanese residential architecture provide solitude, natural light, protection from the weather, and contact with the outdoors. An uncommon meeting of creative minds that is marked by an architectural and design philosophy that is distinctively human and hand-crafted.

However, there are certain ideas that you can apply in your own house and fit into your current lifestyle, so you shouldn’t worry too much. Of course, the designs need to be modified to accommodate your current way of living. However, it will still have the Japanese vibe you were looking for.