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Watching Indian movies online is the best way to entertain, especially when following a limited social life in the COVID-19 situation. The touching content in south Indian movies influences people who watch movies. And the Aha OTT channel brings good content for its viewers.

The south Indian film industry has an idea about its impact and brings movies that keep the audience engaged. The Aha OTT platform is here to provide you a complete package of entertainment, from love stories to spine-chilling murder mysteries.

Let’s look at the three films, brought by Aha, which enjoy good reviews by the critics and make excellent home viewing material.

Forensic- this movie is directed by Anas Khan, starring Akhil Paul and Tovino Thomas, Mamta Mohandas, SaijuKurup, and others.

The film features a forensic officer who investigates serial killings of little girls. The rest of the film deals with how the protagonist disregards his superiors and tries to stop the serial murder, and it also impacts his personal life. Forensic fits into the style of a suspense film. The lead actors play their parts well.

Jacques Bejoy’s music adds tension to the creepy moments, while Akhil George’scamera work is smooth and gritty.

Trance- this movie is directed by Anwar Rashid and stars Fahad Fasil, NazriyaNazim, SaubinShahir, Vinayakan, and others.

Viju (Fahd Fasil) is a low profile motivational speaker from Kanyakumari. Viju has a troubled past and lives with his younger brother Kunjan, who is mentally unstable. Viju’s brother hangs himself, like their mother, and after that, the film turns into a trance. Viju moves to the fast-paced city of Mumbai, leaving the slow pace of life of Kanyakumari in search of a new beginning.

AmalNeerad’scinematography, Sushil’s background score, and Anwar Rashid’s visualization make it a great film.

Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante– this movie is directed by Desing Periyasamy and stars Dulquer Salmaan, VJ Raksha, RituVerma, NiranjaniAhthiyan, Gautam Menon, etc.

Siddharth (Dulquer Salman) is an engineer, and along with his friend, he takes the shortcut path of crime to make easy money. He falls in love with an orphaned girl named Meera (RituVerma). She gets the shock of her life when she goes to Goa to settle with him. What happens next becomes the main contention of the story.

The film has good production value and excellent background score, beautiful pictures, exclusive locations, and dialogues make the film a good package.

All three films speak of a good storyline, talented star cast, engaging content, and excellent production values.

Aha, the OTT platform brings you these movies to the comfort of your home. You can watch these flicks when you want.


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