Commercial Locksmith Services

When you are locked out of your office in an unsociable hour of the day, you need not cancel your work for the day or break a window to get in. All you can do is call a Commercial Locksmith in Brisbane, to come to your rescue and they can help you with ease. No matter if your place is an office or industry.

Services Offered by Commercial Locksmith

New Lock Installation

When your office lock fail to open or break, it is essential to fix them as quickly as possible to protect your office from thefts. The Commercial Locksmiths who arrive at the spots, initially break and remove the existing locks with tools like spanner, drills and catch tools. Catch tool is that specific tool that removes the handle/knob from the lock of the door. Then the spindle connecting the locks on either side of the door it removed. The bolts are unscrewed. The holes are adjusted with drills to the size of new locks that needs to be fitted. Special attention is taken by the experts to replace the new locks and keys are handed over to the owners.

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Safe Lockouts

When office safes fails or gets struck, the owners fear that the company’s valuables are in danger and can be robbed until they are fixed properly. Dial system or combination Lock mechanism are found in most of the Safes. Digital locks work with bolting systems. If the correct code is entered, the bolt is retracted and moves to open the safe. Safe technology has advanced over the years. Expert commercial Locksmith work well to solve the crises and rescue your safes on the spot on the same day.

Cabinet Change

One of the most used item by office employees are the office cabinets and their lock and keys. Every employee is given a key for their use. When the key goes missing, a duplicate key is always available with the company admin. But if they key got struck or broken, corporate locksmiths come to the rescue. Cabinet locks works on the bar mechanism where bar rotates when the key turns in. The broken lock/key is removed and the new pin and lock is inserted to make it work. Commercial locksmith in Brisbane are experts at it. They complete their repair with just few tools restores order at the office within minutes.