Guard dogs: the most suitable breeds

Guarding is an innate ability that all dogs possess, with different predispositions also linked to the breed they belong to. The guarantee of having a very developed sense of smell, hearing and sight allows these quadrupeds to perceive the presence of any anomalies and intrusions within what they consider their territory, alerting the owners

It is mistakenly thought that the dog is able to deal with intruders on its own, in reality the concept of guard is simply linked to the communicative action of the alarm , so the supervision of the owner is always necessary. Here’s how to train a watchdog, teaching him a few tricks so he can use it when needed.

Defending spaces and borders

It is certainly not easy to educate a dog to guard, but it is possible to train him in the defense of the territory he belongs to, therefore the house and his family nucleus . Better to impart these teachings during the first phase of his life, when still a puppy he will be able to learn activities and commands with greater ease. The goal is to improve his natural instinct to raise the alarm, so as to correctly identify dangers and problems . As a guardian, the quadruped must be able to count on the support of man, who is called to make the house safe and inaccessible.

A series of small tricks could improve his guard in the absence of the owner, for example by placing a sign outside the gate indicating his presence: the classic “beware of the dog”. The fence must be solid, impossible to overcome and with the presence of a net or cover that prevents him from putting his head between the grates. The dog will be able to wander around the garden only if the owner is present in the house, but always without the possibility of crossing borders or being reached by foreign hands.

Some breeds are more predisposed to defense and house guarding , a situation that improves if they live in small packs of two or more dogs. The most predisposed for this kind of activity can be divided according to the size or the propensity to learn the rules and commands related to the guard.

Large breed guard dogs

Dobermann : decisive, intelligent and confident.

German Shepherd : affectionate and intelligent.