How to play golf on a budget in Hawaii

Golf in Hawaii may be expensive, especially if you play at a high-end resort during peak hours, but it can also be inexpensive and, in some circumstances, free. This article will provide information on the best golf courses in Hawaii.

Even if you were to organize a six-island vacation, you could play 54 rounds for $100.

Let us know if you have any doubts. Here’s how you go about it, along with a few pointers:

  1. Hamakua Country Club on Hawaii Island

Honokaa Country Club, an all-you-can-eat golf buffet in Honokaa, an hour and a half north of Hilo, is just that. Even if you play a few holes, the cost is $20 for a whole day at the course. Kids under 17 may play for free, so if the clubhouse is deserted, you can deposit $20 in the meter to pay for your round. Consider the fact that the course is nearly 90 years old and the second oldest just on the island if it seems like an old-school charm.

golf courses in Hawaii

  1. The Kukuiolono Golf Course on Kauai

Kukuiolono is Kauai’s most cheap golf course, a little over $1 each hole. Founded by the sugar tycoon Walter McBryde, this course is a favorite of the locals because of its large fairways, wild chickens, and breathtaking coastal vistas. Preparation is key to a successful game of golf. Visit the nearby park’s Japanese gardens for a relaxing walk.

  1. Ironwood Ridge Golf Course on Molokai

However, the island contains nine golf courses despite Molokai’s lack of traffic signals. Ironwood Hills is located in the Kualapuu uplands, surrounded by clumps of Ironwood trees, where courses are cut out of open grasslands where vistas of the sea may be seen. Golf in Hawaii doesn’t get much more basic or affordable than this. The “clubhouse” is a plain trailer, and the bunkers are little more than dirt patches.

  1. The Cavendish Course in Lanai

No, the pricing is not an error; the course is free. Dole built the Banana course in Lanai City, a relic of Lanai’s past as the world’s most extensive pineapple plantation, and it is accessible to pineapple employees and their families.