How to Set Up And Use VyprVPN on Android tablets:

For tablets, you’ll need to get the complete application from their website since it isn’t available via Google Play Services, and they don’t have an app available inside Google Play. If you’re able to install it on your Android tablet, it will bypass the online check when connecting through VyprVPN by requiring you to connect your device with its full name. This is somewhat complicated, so we recommend doing some research or asking someone directly who might experience this service. This VyprVPN review will help you understand this VPN better.

But at any rate, we suggest opening the app, typing in your username and password, then going to Settings to connect with a profile name and password that you could come up with. Again, is this something that you know? Are you comfortable doing this? If so, hit connect. If not, we recommend just not using VyprVPN on Android tablets.

It’s not a perfect solution for small applications, limited apps with a short/limited time in existence, or many different apps that have never connected to VyprVPN before. But there are other alternatives, such as Hide My Ass, which we recommend. It works on many Android devices and uses strong encryption. It also has a browser extension (for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) that you can use while connected to VyprVPN. This is where the entire point of the VPN comes into play: in enabling users to get around censorship in countries where free speech is protected by law or by political views alone.