Math classes for IB- Give it a try

Using highly integrated technologies, ib math tutor hong kong make a dull math lesson enjoyable. They use PPT slide shows, audio-visual learning, animations, etc., to use real-world examples to illustrate each problematic concept of a given topic. Suppose a student misses a session or has a question while studying. In that case, a separate folder with exclusive videos of prior coaching sessions covering every topic is made available to all students and guardians. Many of our students have found it helpful to learn about the distinctive aspects of the segregated IB syllabus because students who choose to do IB math AA and AI are given access to separate IB math AA tutors and IB math AI tutors.

Types of tutors

ib math tutor hong kong

Today’s tutors go beyond the test prep tutors that many families are accustomed to. Many resources are available to support your Tuttee at each stage of the educational process. There are tutors available to help, and every child has different needs.

  1. First-grade teachers

Pre-K tutors help prepare four and 5-year-olds for kindergarten by inspiring a love of reading and learning in their students. This kind of tutor will teach a child to be patient as they listen to a narrative; many will use puppets to act out the story and involve the kids in the narration.

  1.  Tutors in general

A general tutor can help middle and high school students who are getting ready to submit applications for higher-level schools. There may be a need for more rigorous instruction as the youngster transitions to middle school.


A tutor may assist your child in various academic areas, assisting them in staying on top of their work and preparing for exams.