Power paint coating – the processes

Day by day many new inventions are made as the result of enhancement in science and technology. It is to be noted that the powder painting is one such extra ordinary invention of modern technology. This is a painting technique which will be done without any kind of liquid or smell. This painting technology is very simple and easier to handle. On the other side the result of this technology is also considered to be outstanding. From the car parts manufactures to the home appliance manufactures, everyone is making use of this technology to make a unique and durable product in the market. The processes which are involved in this kind of coating are revealed in this article.


Like that of other methods of coating, this process also involves preparation. The part which is to be painted should be cleaned in the most effective way. It is to be noted that the surface should not involve any kind of contaminants as this can disturb the effectiveness of the powder painting. The chemicals and the mechanical processes can be involved for preparing the surface for painting. The chemicals like phosphate can be used in order to make this process more effective than they sound to be. Once if the surface is made ready, the next process can be carried out.

Powder Paint Coating on Stainless Steel

Electrostatic gun

The next step in Powder Paint Coating on Stainless Steel is the powder should be sprayed. The electrostatic gun should be used for spraying this powder. This is one of the most important steps in this process. However, by using the best electrostatic gun this process can be made easier. By using this gun, the surface which is to be painted can be coated with powder within short span of time. One can make any number of coats according to their needs and requirements.


The last and other important step in this process is the curing. After making several coat, the process of curing can be carried out. In order to make the powder particles to stick to the surface, the process of curing will be done. The part or the object which is coated will be put under the temperature of 200 degree Celsius. This kind of temperature maintenance is to be done for ten minutes without any kind of distraction. And after this process, one can find a best coating over the surface which will also have good finishing beyond their imagination.