Things you need to know about face masks

Most of the countries have made wearing a mask is mandatory for the public. It has been strictly followed by both government and public to fight against the COVID-19. The people should be given clear awareness about the circumstances and the importance of mask. WHO says that along with the wearing mask on should wash the hands frequently to make it effective. The official advises differs from the country to country. All the lockdown decisions are made by the government depending on the spread of disease in the community. One should use the quality KN95 Face Mask to protect from the serious issue.

Things you need to know about face masks

Types of masks:

Generally, manufacturers are making three kinds of masks across the world. Types of the masks include surgical masks, respirators and the cloth masks.

To protect the patients during the surgery, surgical masks are used. In case if the doctor coughs or sneezes inside the operations theatre then the surgical masks can protect the patients from the infection. The KN95 Face Mask respirators are designed to pass air in and out of the masks which helps the people who trouble in breathing. It is highly advisable for older people where they can breathe without difficulty.

With the high demand for the mask, the cloth face covering is allowed, where most of the people make it in a home. It helps to stop spreading the infection to the other people. But the health care workers are advised to wear the surgical masks or the respirators. When you are using the nonmedical masks which is made with the cotton or fabric then you should consider the following features before taking into consideration.

  • Number of layers used
  • Materials used for breathability
  • Should have hydrophobic qualities or water repellence
  • Mask shape
  • Fitting of mask

Usage of mask:

For any type of mask, proper use and disposal are essential. Here are some points that you need to consider while using masks.

  • Fit the mask carefully, ensure it covers the mouth and nose. To minimize the gaps between the face and masks tie it securely.
  • Don’t touch the mask while wearing it. You should remove the mask from the behind, don’t remove the mask from the front.
  • As soon as you remove the mask wash the hands with the hand sanitizer or soap.There are reusable masks and single-use masks.
  • Hence, dispose of the single-use masks or replace the mask if they wet with a new one.