You can’t wait to watch the “BhairavaGeetha” movie online if you see highlights

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Dhanunjay, Ira More, Balarajwadi, Vijay Ram, BhaskarManyam, Dhayanand, etc.

Screenplay & Direction:SidharthTatolu

Music: Ravi Shankar

Cinematography: JagadishCheekati

Produced by: Ramgopal Varma, Abhishek Nama, BhaskarRashi


Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. As the craze for Nativity movies increased, director Ram Gopal Varma focused on them. BhairavaGeetha is a film directed by Siddhartha, a young director from RGV School, introducing himself to the Telugu film industry. The curiosity about what kind of elements brought in the movie? Why did the sensational Director Ram Gopal Varma produce the movie? Come, let’s check the movie’s story and highlights and reasons why to watch the movie online in aha.


Varma, who loves horror and violent films, produced this film. That’s why every audience is curious about the elements in this film. As for the story of this movie, Bhairava works at Subbareddy (Balarajwadi), a landlord in Rayalaseema. Subbareddy loves his daughter Geeta (IrraMor) at first sight. She likes Bhairava as he rescued her from the enemy’s attacks at some time. Geeta is engaged to a faction leader named Katta Reddy (Vijay Ram) in a similar context. Geetha slaps her fiancé on the cheek during the engagement ceremony, after which she gets into a fight with her father, Subba Reddy, and tells him that she will marry Bhairava. Subba Reddy plans to kill Bhairava, who loves his daughter. In that order, Bhairava and Gita escape together. What problems did Bhairava and Gita face? What kind of difficulties did Bhairava face from Subbareddy? What kind of struggle did Bhairava do to free himself from the life of a slave? “BhairavaGeetha” is the answer to the questions of how Subbareddy, Keshavareddy, (BhaskarManyam), Kattareddy put an end to the games.


Top reasons why to watch “BhairavaGeetha” movie online:

The prime reason to watch the film is that sensational Director Ramgopal Varma (RGV) produced this movie by introducing Director SiddharthThatolu from his camp.

Maturity in the young director Siddharth can be seen in how the director’s talent screened the BhairavaGeeta movie. Overall, Siddharth has the scope to be the best director in the future.

The cinematography is a major highlight of the Bhairava Gita film. Locations in Kadapa and Badami areas were wonderfully screened. Felt that, seeing a grand canyon in Hollywood movies. Jagdish’s dark approach to the elements, which are mainly in the faction, is good. The lighting scenes used by Jagdish were further elevated. It seemed realistic.

Dhanunjay played the role of Bhairava very well. The acting is good in the episode where the mother is killed. His character seemed better to the extent.

IrraMor is impressed with the beauty. She acted without hesitation in some bold scenes like Lip lock. She made good use of the opportunity to do some action scenes too. Irra’s screen presence is fantastic. She appeared too hot in songs.

Actors in the villain roles as faction leaders Balarajwadi, BhaskarManyam, Vijay Ram seemed good with the scope of his character. Dayanand got the right role after RX 100. He did justice to the opportunity he was given.

Ravi Shankar was the music director for BhairavaGeeta. He gave good songs, which happen when the situation demands. Especially the background music elevated the chasing Scenes in action episodes.

BhairavaGeeta movie is produced by Ram Gopal Verma, Abhishek Nama, and BhaskarRashi. The production values are fantastic. Rayalaseema Nativity Flavor is designed to be realistic rather than miss.


Finally:IrraMor’s performance and her hot screen presence, Director’s Taking, excellent Cinematography, and background music will give you worth for your watching. The movie does not waste your time.

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